Gender Identity Support

Exploring your gender identity?

Navigating gender identity and expression in a binary, transphobic society is really challenging! I can provide you with a space to process all your thoughts and feelings regarding your gender identity and/or presentation without fear of judgement or lack of understanding. I am also happy to share and connect you with community resources that may be of assistance during your transition. Be sure to check out "financial resources" to see if you might qualify for sponsored sessions through the organizations listed. 

I am also trained in writing letters for gender-affirming medical procedures. An initial assessment is required. 

Wanting to support your child/loved one?

When your loved one (adult or child) comes out to you or expresses an interest in exploring their gender identity, it can be difficult to know how to respond and show your support. I have experience facilitating family sessions to support you and your loved one in navigating this transition. Additionally, I have experience supporting parents individually, to provide you with a space to process and learn without worrying about saying the "wrong thing" to your child or relying on them to educate you. These sessions are also a great opportunity to practice using a new name or pronouns for your loved one!